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Our unit potrays Stanford's Mississippi Battery, which was an actual Confederate Artillery battery named for it's original Captain, Thomas J. Stanford. Our Battery takes part in Living History, Reenactment, Memorial Services, Civil War Grave Marker restoration and Battlefield preservation.

Clinton Mississippi
Clinton Visitor Center 2010

the 2012 Event will Be NOVEMEBR 2-3-4, 2012
Nov 2-3-4 2012 (500 + Boy Scouts)

 Stanford's Mississippi Battery (SMB) was organized in 1979, on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi to honor those who served in the orginal Battery during the War Between the States.  The term "Living Historian" leaps into focus as the public strolls through the camp, and sees life as it was. The men strive to give an accurate, hands-on, emersion into the life of the rank and file soldier on either side. What our ancestors went through due to their commitment to their beliefs.  This attention to detail has paid off, in that Stanford's enjoys a reputation for authenticity and has been asked to demonstrate it's portrayal by several of the nations' most prestigious National Military Parks including Shiloh, Antietam, Vicksburg and Gettysburg.  Stanford's also participated in the 2004 burial of the crew of the CSS Hunley.  In addition SMB members have been involved in movie and televisoin documentary productions. The unit's activites have been seen on ABC Evening News and ABC's 20/20 program (1998).

Captain T.J. Stanford Needs A Few More Good Men

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Stanford's Battery


34 Years as a American Civil War

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Stanford's Mississippi Battery Inc. is a 501 (C) 3  Non Profit Organization